Monday, July 27, 2009

++YASMIN AHMAD --> she will be sorely missed++

Some Mondays are harder than others. This is one of the toughest. We lost Yasmin Ahmad, one of the most inspiring people we've ever had the fortune to know, over the weekend. While we've shed many tears in grief, we must remember to celebrate her too.

After hearing news of her passing, local graffiti artists Jeng and Kioue headed to the banks of the Klang river (near Pasar Seni) and created this piece in tribute to Kak Min.

Jeng says: "I have been a follower of Yasmin Ahmad's work since Sepet. To me, Yasmin's work has always been a reflection of her character and speaks of harmony, forgiveness and humility. Her sudden death is a great loss to the local film industry and all Malaysians."

More tributes to Yasmin Ahmad

Mahesh Jugal Kishor, who worked with Yasmin in Talentime,: “First of all I like to apologise If I cry talking about her.

“She is never a director with you. She always acts like a family member to her cast and crew. She is like mother to me. She is like a friend to me.

“What impressed me about her is that she can relate to everyone regardless their age. She will talk to the elders with so much respect. But when it comes to the younger people, she can be like one of us. She can talk our lingo.

“As a director she is not rigid. She gives the actors their creative freedom to interpret their characters.”

“I must tell you that I am not coping with her death very well.”

Elza Irdalynna, who starred in Talentime: “She has a way to make her film shoots a fun affair. It was like going on a vacation. She was a hilarious woman. She loved to play the piano and to sing.

She had a very beautiful voice.

“I spoke to her few hours before she suffered the stroke. She graciously agreed to a put on special screening of Talentime for my boyfriend who is from the United States. We were supposed to meet her on Monday to see the movie together. But it didn’t take place.”

Actress Maya Karin: “I have never worked with her. But I find she has a beautiful soul and she has been kind to everybody, and that is reflected in her movies.”

Actress Azean Irdawaty wrote a special poem dedicated to Yasmin:

She was an angel
God sent us
No, he lent us
To be a storyteller
Who spun stories of
Magic, joy and enchantment
Who we often lose sight of
Her fight was brief
Her leaving was a grief
Just like her movies
The end came too soon
But her wisdom remain
like words to a tune
That we will hold dear
Forever you will be near.
I love you Yasmin
I will miss you always.