Thursday, January 1, 2009

--dis is not my 1st time--

IXCA cool.IXCA softSPOKEN.IXCA pencintaAIRmata.IXCA sukaBERANGAN.IXCA luvARTSandARTSluvIXCA.IXCA yangSETIA.IXCA pencintaBANTALmagic.IXCA tetap n akan selamanya menjadi IXCA

..no matter how hard it is..

..IXCA dat sumtimes HIDING sumthings from everyone..becoz der sumthings dat no one can't ever understand..

..IXCA dat often CRYING all over the NIGHT..and no one realize it..

..IXCA dat being HURT again and AGAIN becoz of NOTHING!..


..believe dat happiness will come around..SOONER or LATER..becoz SHE deserve it!..

..realize dat as human being, i'm not perfect....not even gud enough to b around dem...but..dis is me..


..maybe no one can really know the truth color of IXCA..

..bcoz dey doesnt ever try to ask...not even once..

..but...it doesnt matter..leave d footstep BEHIND and look FORWARD..

..for a life to begin and move..and all of sudden, it stop in d middle of a journey..HURTPAIN...but keep smiling while starting it again...and OVERAGAIN....LIFE KEEP ROLLING..till d LAST of BREATH..

..no MATTER wut..

..ignore d word DIFFICULT...forget d word PAIN..

..because i want to live in HEAVEN..

..i want to run on d sky..

..i want to sleep on d air..

..i want to rest in peace..

..and becoz of THESE..

..i'm PROUD of being IXCA..


yup..dis is not my 1st time bblogging..sblum ni da ada..tp da lama tinggal..sampai lupa password..hikhikhik :p

sbenanyew da lama da pasang niat nk brblogging blek..tp dsebabkan kekangan masa n keadaan yg xmengizinkan...so, tpksala lupakan buat sementara waktu hasrat murniku inih...huuuu

harap lpas ni, ble la slalu update blog ni...hoyeeee!

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